About the Patient Participation Group

What is the Patient Participation Group (PPG)?

The PPG works with Giffords Surgery and patients to help improve services and to ensure the patient voice is heard.

The PPG meets at the invitation of the Practice. The group is made up from patients from the Practice, the PPG offers advice and support to the Practice from the patients' perspective.

Members of the PPG are not medical professionals and don’t formally represent any group. Members try to represent the views of patients generally.

The PPG is not a forum for complaints.

What does the PPG do?

The PPG meets at a minimum every six months.  PPG meetings are also attended by practice partners and a selection of staff from Giffords Surgery.  The meetings are an opportunity for joint discussions on issues relating to the Practice. These might include offering advice about future service planning or developments at the Practice and raising issues that are concerning patients.

A group meeting

The PPG also helps with the development of patient information, such as patient data and appointments system etc.

Members of the PPG also talk to patients about their experiences of the practice and can offer advice where appropriate.

PPG members may represent patients at other meetings, for example the  Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Public Engagement Advisory Group.

How can I find out more or join the PPG?

The PPG is always open to new members. To find out more contact the surgery 


The information you supply us will be used lawfully, in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. The Data Protection Act 1998 gives you the right to know what information is held about you and sets out rules to make sure that this information is handled properly.

Terms of Reference


  • To act as a representative group of patients to inform and influence the management of the practice
  • To provide a focus for patients to channel ideas and suggestions regarding service and health care
  • To organise health events and projects to educate and benefit specific groups of patients
  • To improve communication between the practice and the patient population
  • To collect, collate, discuss and disseminate survey information to and from the wider practice population
  • To act as a representative group to influence the local provision of health and social care

Patient Participation Group Membership

  • Membership of the PPG shall be open to all patients from within the practice
  • Meetings of the PPG will be held approximately every 6 weeks.
  • The practice manager or her deputy will be in attendance.
  • A quorum will comprise 3 members plus at least 1 member of staff.
  • Minutes of the meeting will be taken by the Practice Manager and circulated to all group members.

Virtual Membership

Any patient may volunteer to be a Virtual PPG Member and there will be no limit on the number of patients in this group. Members in this group will be contacted on-line and will be asked to respond to a number of surveys each year.  Virtual members will be offered the opportunity to help with projects and will be kept informed of all meeting decisions via the Practice Website.


Members must  respect patient and practice confidentiality. The group will not be expected to act as a focus of complaints from patients (these will be dealt with by the Practice Manager).

Patient Contact

Patients will be able to contact the PPG members by:

  • Placing message in the suggestion box at Reception
  • Writing to the group at the practice address
  • Emailing the practice

The PPG will produce a regular newsletter.

The PPG will have a dedicated area of the notice board in the Patient Information Area and will post regular updates on the waiting room TV screens.

PPG responses to suggestions from the patients will be displayed on the notice board, in the newsletter and on the waiting room TV screens as appropriate.