Appointments FAQs

The way we access GP services has changed. Below are some frequently asked questions that may help you understand these changes:

Why does the receptionist / E-Consult ask me what the problem is?

One of the important roles that receptionists and our E-Consult system play is to navigate patients to the most appropriate service within our Practice.

Some patients may need to see a Doctor, a Practice Nurse or Healthcare Assistants and our wider team of clinicians who would be able to provide the appropriate care.

I need to cancel my appointment, what should I do?

We request that patients contact the Practice with at least 2 hours' notice if they wish to cancel their appointment via E-Consult. You can also cancel via online services or the NHS App.

This can also be sent by text message, just respond to our appointment confirmation text message stating 'CANCEL' in your reply (only applicable if you have booked the appointment via online services).

Why have I received a letter because I did not attend my appointment (DNA)?

If patients miss their appointment on 4 separate occasions and did not inform the Practice in advance that they could not attend, patients will receive a letter from the Practice.

We have approximately 70-100 missed appointments every month which can waste appointments and a clinician's time from seeing vulnerable patients.

I would like to see a Doctor of my choice, am I allowed to request this?

Of course; patients are entitled to request to see a Doctor of their choice.

We encourage patients to see clinicians who have been looking after them for care to ensure they have continuity. If you need to speak to specific GP see our GP Working Days to find out when our GPs are in the practice. You can request a specfic GP via E-Consult and we will endeavour to book this.

Why can’t I see my GP of choice today?

At times we are unable to offer patients an appointment with their preferred GP because the majority of our GPs work part-time.

If you have a preference of GP you wish to speak to, please call on a day they work. If, however, you have been advised to contact us to discuss something by a GP we can sometimes book these in advance.

My mother doesn’t speak very good English; can she have an interpreter please?

For patients who require assistance with language translation during a consultation, we can organise for you a professional advocacy service.

This is provided by LanuageLine so that a Health Advocate may assist with translation during appointment(s).

This service is available with on the day appointments and does not need to be pre-booked. please let our reception staff know during the booking of an appointment if you require this service, who will then organise this on your behalf.

I had a triage call booked but the Clinician didn’t call me, why?

For patients who have booked an appointment to speak with a clinician, we advise you that there will be 2 hour window either side of your appointment.

We will attempt to call you twice within a 10 minute window; however, if you fail to answer either call you will unfortunately forego that appointment. Please note that the Practice number will be classed as 'withheld.'

The care navigator will tell you an unspecified time depending on classification of your appointment – blood tests, health checks etc you will be given a specific time for.

I am calling on behalf of my brother, could I speak with the Doctor about his problems please?

We are bound by strict rules of confidentiality and therefore cannot discuss any confidential information with a relative, friend or concerned member of the public.

If however a consent form has been filled out by the patient and handed to reception giving you permission to act on his behalf we can of course accommodate this – please complete the patient consent form.